Exit Ghost

Exit Ghost by Philip Roth was my introduction to the character of Nathan Zuckerman – a septuagenarian, renowned genius of the literary world, and as of the past decade a notorious recluse. A major reason for him effectively removing himself from society is a medical issue. A potential remedy for that issue, after all these years, is what acts as the impetus for the character’s return to a very different post – 9/11 New York City. Upon returning, various encounters and relationships both new and old tug at Zuckerman to remind him both why he left in the first place and how much he misses it – how much his voluntary seclusion has cost him. With brilliant prose that sparkles with wit and flavor, Roth touches on the topics of aging, inspiration, memory, the craft of writing, and the ambitions of both young and old. The author has written several other Zuckerman novels, and if this is any indication of their depth and quality, I’d love to read more. It’s easy to see why Philip Roth is himself a renowned genius of the literary world.

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