Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain is an irreverent and often funny discourse on the author’s experience coming up in the somewhat cutthroat world of the restaurant business. This warts-and-all tale comes across well with Bourdain’s easygoing, conversational prose that makes the reader almost feel that they’re listening to the affable author share some secrets and war stories over a cup of coffee and pack of cigarettes. Bourdain’s honesty in mentioning his drug use and abuse, as well as his discussions of common kitchen practices that just have to be deemed unsanitary, add to the sense that you’re being let in on some illicit material. Perhaps this is just because I’ve been enduring less-than-stellar prison cuisine and conditions for too many years, but I found Bourdain’s enthusiasm for food to be infectious – especially trying some new things as he traveled to Japan. It made me long for those opportunities, and ultimately it made me laugh.

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