Light of the World

Light of the World by James Lee Burke examines the evil that man is capable of, the lines that good men sometimes cross in combating that evil, and the ways in which people deal with the psychological scars left in the aftermath of said evil. All this is couched in a thrilling mystery filled with twists enough to keep the reader’s head spinning and taut language atypical of most modern fiction. This is another installment in Burke’s series of Dave Robicheaux novels, but in taking the character out of this usual New Iberia, Louisiana setting, he ups the ante and provides a bleak vision of the American West, underscoring how the protagonist’s morality is more in line with frontier justice than law and order. Each of the supporting characters is well drawn with colorful histories that add to the narrative. The villain in this one would make an atheist believe in the possibility of God simply because if there is evil this dark and pure, there has to be an opposing force for good.

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