The Drop

The Drop by Michael Connelly once again finds Harry Bosch tracking down the monsters that plague his city of Los Angeles. Working once more in the open-unsolved unit, Bosch is pulled in to work a fresh body and is thrust into the murky world of power and departmental politics. This new case revolves heavily around an old adversary of Bosch’s, and fans of Connelly’s Bosch novels will absolutely love their back and forth skirmishes. There are some added dynamics here as Bosch continues to live with his daughter and begins to act as a mentor of sorts. Connelly introduces a potential paramour for our hero, but true to form with Bosch, this new woman comes with another set of baggage and burden of pain. Most interestingly, Bosch has to question and evaluate his mission and code that have guided, sustained, and driven him for a quarter century. In The Drop, Connelly also, sadly, intimates that Harry Bosch’s retirement is somewhere on the coming horizon, but also provides hope for more—perhaps something entirely different.

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