Transformers: Exodus

When a friend recommended that I read Transformers: Exodus by Alex Irvine, I literally laughed out loud at his suggestion. The idea that I would read a novel about toys that I harbored a fondness for in childhood was absurd and borderline idiotic. After months of my friend’s nagging and assurances of its quality, I finally picked it up to read and am glad I did. While it may not be a book I’d suggest for the literary literati, I’d pass it on to a sci-fi geek any day. Irvine tells the story of the revolt and resulting war that led to the alien race of transformers having to abandon their planet for points unknown. There are shades of “Spartacus” at times that felt like I’d seen it a thousand times, but the author also has plenty of clever bits of sci-fi ingenuity as he describes the alien world – its inhabitants and civilization. As war wages, there is enough action and bot-on-bot violence to satisfy the most hardcore of fanboys, but the story is also solid and enjoyable enough to keep even the uninitiated entertained.

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