Voices From the Street

Though Philip K. Dick is most widely known for his works of science fiction, Voices From the Street is a compelling read that remains a searing indictment of the American dream. Stuart Hadley is the tragic protagonist who lives in Cedar Groves, California, and in the summer of 1952, he finds himself stuck in a job he dislikes, married to a woman he is indifferent to, with a child on the way. The spectre of doom looms large as the Korean War is in full swing, and Cold War paranoia begins to propagate itself. Hadley feels somehow untethered by it all, and seeking some directions or answers, he looks to his workaholic boss, then to a charismatic evangelist who espouses embracing the impending apocalypse. With remarkably honest and fresh prose, the author details Hadley’s descent into a type of madness and an odd kind of redemption. An excellent observation of individuals, and proof that there is plenty of tension and drama to be seen in the struggle to carve out one’s place in this space called life.

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