Across Islands and Oceans

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Across Islands and Oceans by James Baldwin is the author’s true account of his solo trek around the world in a small, cobbled-together sailboat at age twenty-five with little more than 500 dollars to his name for a planned two-year trip. It was the early 1980’s and the most advanced technology he possessed was a small radio. This is an excellent tale of survival, perseverance, and one man’s travels not only across land and sea, but also his inner journey as the people he meets and the long stretches of solitude change him. Baldwin’s descriptions of the islands he hikes across and the native peoples he encounters there are beautifully rendered. They speak to the exotic and wild nature of the locales as well as the kindness and boundless generosity of those who have been so casually dismissed as savages in times past. It is clear that Baldwin’s discoveries changed him both inside and out. Reading this book, too, has reawakened the adventurer and wanderer embedded deep within my soul and made me long to see what lies on the other side of the horizon.

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