Altars of Tomorrow

Altars of Tomorrow by Ken R. Abell is the culmination of the six-part Deacon Coburn series, and for the fans of the books it provides a somber but satisfying conclusion for the characters and world so vividly conjured by the author. Set in the boom town of Creede, Colorado in 1892, history leaps from the page with every explosion set by the silver miners. You can practically feel the grit of the dirt on your skin and the dust in your eyes. Narrative threads that have been teased out over the course of the series of books are finally revealed in unexpected ways and heart-wrenching passages. Themes of hope and faith, which have both been touchstones and stumbling blocks for multiple characters, are brought to their logical culmination as eternity looms just beyond the horizon. Abell’s prose is unadorned as ever, cutting through to the marrow of the matter with conviction and precision. Proof once more of the breadth of scope and vision this storyteller brings to his work.

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