An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope

An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope by Ken R. Abell is an autobiographical account of one man’s journey of faith through a life filled with deep valleys of doubt, anger, and rebellion bred from an abundance of personal tragedy. The story being told is anything but ordinary by virtue of both the author’s perseverance through life’s curveballs, as well as the unflinching veracity with which he relates the emotional upheaval wrought by them. There is a poetic quality to Abell’s prose that paints a vivid picture while managing to remain grounded and accessible – it’s clear that he can turn a phrase when he chooses. The author’s narrative and life are filled with heart-wrenching moments of tragic loss and bitterness, but in the end it remains a story of hope, faith, and love – a tale worthy of telling, and doubly worth reading.

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