Graveyard Promises

Graveyard Promises by Ken R. Abell is the first installment in a new series entitled The Beadle Files. From its blistering opening to its infuriatingly open ending, pieces of a mystery come into focus but constantly keep the reader guessing. Following threads of this mysterious conspiracy, Abell brings verisimilitude to historic settings and breathes vivid life into them without resorting to cliche. Set in the Roaring Twenties, dialogue crackles and twists like the real thing as these characters leap from the page, each with their own hidden agendas and psychological peculiarities which drive and haunt them. Having returned home after reporting from the trenches of World War I, LC Beadle is the newspaperman who stands as the main character amongst an ensemble and acts as both the driving force and moral center as he strives to uncover the truth and be faithful to his titular oaths. Wading through a morass of human depravity, duplicity, and manipulation may not bring Beadle all the answers, but it is a thrill to read as he navigates the treacherous path on which his dogged pursuit of justice leads him. The next installment can’t come quick enough.

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