Pieces of Justice

Pieces of Justice by Ken R. Abell is the fifth installment in the Deacon Coburn series, and it just keeps getting better. Character arcs and narrative threads come together with precision to draw the reader in and deliver an intricate, thrilling climax filled with dangers both natural and supernatural. The eternal nature of good and evil has been an ongoing theme in the series, and each character here must face the manifestations of those elements in their individual lives. Both the light and dark aspects of human nature are exposed as emotional, spiritual, and physical battles rage. Abell’s straightforward storytelling is engaging and deals with the everyday trials of grief, loss, and guilt with a deft honesty filled with faith and gritty truth. A wholly realistic adventure infused with mysticism and startling images that pull back the veil to give a glimpse of deeper truths about spiritual warfare waged in earthly and heavenly realms. Good and evil will always be in conflict with one another, but justice will have its day—whether this world or the next.

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