The Eyes of the Dragon

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Stephen King isn’t exactly known for his medieval-set fiction, but this foray into the fictionalized ancient world of kingdoms, dragons, sorcerers, and magic is an oft-overlooked gem. The narrator’s voice for The Eyes of The Dragon has a playful tone and wit to it that also isn’t typical of Mr. King, but works marvelously in this fractured fairy tale of sorcery, murder, betrayal, jealousy, regicide, and eventual redemption. Or, at least, some shades of redemption. From scheming Flagg, to noble Peter, to put-upon Thomas – King’s characters are wonderfully multi-faceted and crisply drawn. They lend the story a feeling of familiarity, reminiscent of the fairy tales and bedtime stories of childhood, while being completely and uniquely their own in the hands of the author. This book reminded me of my youth, a time when I still thought anything was possible.

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