The Ghost Trap

The Ghost Trap by K. Stephens is a vividly rendered slice of a Maine lobstering community, so much so that I could practically taste the sea-salted air on my lips and feel the spray against my face. Her prose is moving, rife with metaphor and unique descriptions that manage to eschew cliché, while her dialogue snaps with authentic verve. Beyond the singular and fully realized world created by the author, the narrative revolves around the protagonist and his struggle to care for his impaired fiancée while trying to make ends meet in an increasingly cutthroat dispute over his lobstering territory. This is a deeply felt novel that touches on the concepts of love, grief, guilt, duty, family, and sacrifice. It had my heart aching within me as I wondered what I would do—what kind of grit and mettle would I prove to possess—if faced with a similar circumstance. A moving, haunting novel.

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