The Last American Man

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The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert is a nonfiction book that focuses on the life, times, and philosophies of Eustice Conway. Depending on one’s opinion or point of view, Mr. Conway may appear to be a lunatic, hippy, nature lover, idealist, vagrant, modern day philosopher, or shrewd businessman just to name a few. Of course, it could be he’s all that and more. Or perhaps he’s none of these, and they’re merely hats that he wears at different times in his life when occasion calls for it. From his connection to the natural environment around his boyhood home to his willingness to test the limits of his endurance, Eustice Conway formed his unique worldview through love and dogged determination. In her portrait of this enigmatic figure, Elizabeth Gilbert manages to convey his disparate qualities while capturing beautifully both the absurdity and the nobility of his vision.

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