Please feel free to give comments, make suggestions, ask questions; I am new to this and welcome both feedback and curiosity. Bear in mind though that my benefactor/moderator will be weeding out all trolls and those with prickish intents, so don’t bother wasting your time if that’s your personality makeup.

I deal mostly in snail mail, so my response time will be slow – about two weeks or more – so you should bear that in mind too. Be patient and I will try to answer what I can.

6 thoughts on “Comments”

    1. Darlene – if you are able to get this reply, go to a website called M.I.S.S. Just put it in google. It is a website of mothers with sons in prison. It’s a wonderful bunch of caring women who know exactly what you are going through.


  1. I actually started reading a blog about a guy who is in Prison. It’s absolutely crazy what people go through in there. It seems like a broken solution.

    Anyway, the blog was My name is Jamie. I hope its okay to share here.


  2. I write the blog that Dave on March 6th talked about. Most people don’t understand that prison is not what most people think it is. It’s not just a place to put people and punish them. These people are worth a lot of money to their keepers. If you wanted to read any other blogs of inmates, on the right side of mine you will see a section that says it’s other people’s prison blogs. Each one is different. I have also started writing a book, “InsideOut” that is based on the letters from Jamie Cummings, the father of one of my grandsons. I have posted several chapters of the book if you want to peer inside the mind of someone who is trying to live through being in solitary confinement and make it out still sane.


  3. William,
    I bought and read your book a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. My son was arrested last January (2017) and tragically was found dead in jail under very strange circumstances a few weeks ago.
    You will understand when I say he was a good man and fine son. He did not deserve to be left in jail without benefit of a defence attorney or even access to a legal library. I even had hopes of starting a project to get really good books into the jails because it took me over 6 months just to get a Bible to him.
    His buddies from inside write to me their condolences—telling me of his kindness; that he always had a ready smile and comforting words. I am blessed that we shared hundreds of long letters during his incarceration. And I am also blessed to have found your blog and your book which help me to better understand his experience.
    Like you, I am a non-fiction writer and author. And although it would not normally be my first choice, I hope to write about my son’s experience so that people might better understand a prisoner’s plight.
    Well, I don’t mean to ramble… I am just hoping you will be kind enough to drop me a line if you find the time.
    Please know that you and all prisoners are in my prayers. I hope for your best, I await your release, and I cheer for your victories in surviving to tell of each new day.


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